We can qualify and provide a proposal for many projects over the phone, although we also are glad to do in person inspections. These are free and do not need to be home; with the exception being, rare, specific situations. We email the proposal to you so you can view and accept the proposal through the email, leaving any notes that you would like to convey in the comments, i.e. when you prefer to have the work done.
No. Many projects do not require us to enter a home, and since we will email the invoice to you, you can just mail a check or pay online if you are not home at the time of service.If we do need to enter your home to clean interior windows or release screens that are mounter externally, we are comfortable working in a home while you are gone. Really, it comes down to whatever you are comfortable with.
Our goal is to deliver a finished product that you expect. Rain, wind, snow, ice, lightning, are some common conditions that can cause concern when working outside in the elements. We will always consider the forecast when heading over to clean your windows or power wash your property.We will reschedule if we believe, from experience, that the conditions will not allow us to deliver the finished product as agreed upon. We also take safety very seriously and will reschedule if we feel that the elements will not allow.
It is a misconception that rain causes spotting on windows. Rain is the cleanest water that exists on earth. The problem is the dust in the air that the rain can pick up on the way down. If the conditions are dry and it rains, it is likely that there will be dust in the air that is absorbed in the falling rain and will leave deposits on your glass. We will consider this when deciding whether we should reschedule for a different day.We provide a 48-hour rain guarantee, whereas if we clean your windows and it rains in the next 2 days leaving spots that you would like removed, call us and we will head over and reclean the affected windows.
The recommendation by most window manufacturers is to have the glass cleaned twice a year to prevent pitting, remove filmy buildup, and allergens and/or mold.


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