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Beautiful home in the country with lots of windows - Class Act Glass Best Window Cleaning Services in Mankato and Southern Minnesota

Why call Class Act Glass Window Cleaning to clean your windows?

We are locally owned and operated, fully insured, and have the tools and experience (since 2008) to safely access and clean your windows in a timely and efficient manner.

Most important though; you deserve to have clean windows.  Windows are a huge investment and are carefully placed to allow the natural beauty of the outside to merge with the beauty inside your home.

Traditional window cleaning:

Accessing windows with ladders, we apply detergent, use scratch free scrub pad on glass for hard to remove deposits, squeegee off water, and detail edges with towel.

Pure water window cleaning:

Using a four-stage filtration system, we remove all dissolvable solids from the water providing spotless water, we use a brush to loosen deposits, and the spotless water to rinse. This process leaves the glass perfectly clean. We also use the brush and pure water to clean the frames.  This is a safe and efficient approach to cleaning hard to reach windows, or windows with multiple panes in a sash.

Both approaches will leave you with the perfect result you deserve. We will use the safest and most effective method to complete the project correctly.

Our process:

  1.  Qualify the service: There are many different types of windows. We will qualify the project over the phone to determine if it is best to do an in-person quote (free,) or if we can provide an accurate quote over the phone.Referring to our window pane guide will help you to know what type of questions we will ask when you call and what types of windows will require us to head over and take a closer look at the project.
  1.  Choose your service: Interior and exterior window cleaning or Exterior window cleaning
    Interior and exterior window cleaning

    This service includes:

    • Cleaning the interior and exterior of your window panes
    • Removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the screen
    • Opening the window and wiping the lower sill
    Exterior window cleaning

    This service includes:

    • Cleaning the exterior pane of glass.
    • Includes removing, cleaning, and reinstalling exterior mounted screens if applicable.
  2.  Book your appointment: We try to be as efficient as possible and aware of any time or accessibility restrictions in order to respect your time and home. Let us know if:
    • You have children that need to take naps
    • Have pets that need special attention with strangers in the house
    • Need the interior cleaned first because you need to leave
    • Ect…
    You will receive an appointment reminder email and text message 3 days prior to your appointment. We provide out invoices via email upon completion of the service and offer online bill pay.

  1.  Enjoy your beautiful clean windows!


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