Window cleaning cost can often be determined over the phone through determining what type of windows and how many panes of glass are on your home.

We have included this guide to help you answer these questions over the phone and to determine whether an in-person inspection is preferable.

Do not forget to include garage windows and basement windows. Let us know if you would not like these windows cleaned.

We are always willing to provide in-person inspections of the project, although it is understood that it may be more convenient in some circumstances to provide the proposal and schedule the appointment over the phone.

Other factors that could affect the time/cost of a project: accessibility of windows on the exterior or interior, distance to travel, dog/pet deposits in the yard, or excessively muddy conditions due to grass/landscaping not being present yet are a few of the other scenarios that can affect the time/cost of the project.

Common Windows

Specialty Windows

Storm windows are windows, generally double hung windows that slide up/down, or side to side to open, that have an additional set of single panes of glass on the exterior to provide extra insulation and protection from elements.

Other specialty windows have a pane of glass that swing open on the interior, can be removed from the interior, or that are installed on the exterior and held in place via tabs or fasteners. Pella and Andersen are a couple of the manufacturers that have engineered this type of window. There are many different types of windows that fall into this category. In some cases, we may determine that it is ideal to inspect the project to provide an accurate estimate on time and cost.


True Divide Windows

These are windows that have multiple panes of glass within one sash. French doors are an example of this. Some windows have one solid pane on the bottom and two, four, or six panes of glass on top. We prefer to inspect these projects in person to determine how long we will need to complete the project.

Note- some windows have grids made of wood or plastic/composite that create the look of true divide windows that are fixed and between the panes of glass, or that are attached on top of the interior pane of glass and can be removed. If there are grids that need to be removed on the interior of your windows, we will want to make note of this to accurately determine the time and cost of the project.

Not True Divided Window
Not True Divided Window
True Divided Window
True Divided Window


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